Champion support ensuring smooth product adoption.

Enable your customers to work care-free and beat the competition

Proficient technical support that retains your customers

Ease consumer adoption and elevate consumer experience with seamless query handling and resolution, faster response times and minimised SLAs.


Multi-channel technical support that overcomes barriers to adoption.

Resolving installation, configuration, user-related errors, technical bugs or any other technical issues diminishes churn rates, customer inconvenience and agitation.

24 x 7 Technical support for all ESG customers

Exceed customer expectations

Update on-the-go with our expert assistance

More loyal customers

Make your customers reach the right personnel

Boosted customer advocacy

Appropriate and fast servicing

Gain a competitive edge

Effective communication on every call

Technical support & service desk features

Telephone support

Confident inbound customer handling.

Ticketing support

Capturing multiple interactions simultaneously.

Automated alerts

Timely notifications for event-based triggers.

Knowledge transfer

Implicit knowledge sharing to achieve operational efficiency.

Looking for a technical support team for your product?