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Fears that offshoring managed IT services such as Service Desk, Customer support & DevOps would be fatally wounded by offshore office closures have not played out, and to the surprise of many who have a dog in the ‘back to onshoring’ fight.

As offices, onshore and offshore, abruptly closed their doors, almost a year ago now, companies scrambled their tech warriors to ensure their staff had access to work-from-home infrastructure with some semblance of the quality to that which they left behind.

In some cities in India et al this was not possible. Low-cost centres in smaller Indian cities such as Jaipur and even in some well-known offshore ITSM destinations such as Pune struggle with low residential internet speeds and domestic penetration. In the years BC (before Covid), leased-line broadband and huge uninterruptible generators took care of business continuity. Suddenly the bottleneck found itself at the makeshift desks of the company’s employees, at the mercy of unreliable broadband, patched together by local ISPs, and over-stretched mobile data providers. A disaster for some IT support centres that positioned themselves in low-cost towns and cities across India. To get over the hurdle, they will have to rely on local IT management services, similar to Treasure Valley IT ( to get their footing back in these uncertain times.

Not just in some areas of India but also the Philippines was badly affected where internet was not well established. Anthony Esguerra admitted to AFP that 80% of his company operations were disrupted due to restricted internet at homes.


Seamless in Mumbai.

But in modern Indian cities where home internet penetration and mobile data was highest, offshore IT support companies thrived, transition was seamless and downtime imperceptible. Mumbai has the highest mobile download speeds and the highest internet penetration in India and the move out of the office, originally unthinkable, to apartments across India’s biggest city, Mumbai, has had one spectacular outcome: the dread of any interruption to business continuity has been eliminated. In business continuity documentation, work from home was the last resort. Now it underpins it. And if a particularly heavy July monsoon downpour keeps a few employees from the office for a day then they can seamlessly move to work from home, using network security tools from companies like Fusion Connect to make sure their work is protected.


Indian stoicism leads business continuity.

Mumbai has been home to ESG Global Services, a leader in outsourced IT Support, since 2005. All our tech experts, customer support workers, service desk operatives, DevOps and developers were quickly and seamlessly repositioned at home and continued to provide our clients with world-class IT support, and we are now moving towards back to a full office-based support function with a business continuity plan we do not have to lose a wink of sleep over again.

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  • Sally

    In parts of India, Covid has effectively fallen off the daily news cycle. Normal life has resumed. The nation’s health minister today said that 20% of India has reported zero new infections. PM Modi has said that ‘India has saved the world from disaster by bringing the situation under control”

  • Edward

    Sensible, from today’s news that 50% of India, results extrapolated from tests in the capital, are immune through previous asymptomatic infection, to suggest that India is now the most stable place to outsource IT support.