Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We’re based in London, England and Mumbai, India and have been around since 2005. We provide best-in-class IT and marketing services but without the communications problems and risk because we control operations from the UK. IT & marketing at a reduced cost and without the headache.

ESG have extensive corporate responsibility policies relating to, and excel in, health & safety, employment, diversity & equal opportunities, data privacy & security, corporate social responsibility and the environment. Contact us for more information.

Your data and IP are precious so we take care of everything including data security, confidentiality and IP protection. Contact us and ask for our company wide policies which we will be glad to share with you. You may not want your clients to know that you are outsourcing at all and so it is essential you deal with ESG rather than outsourcing directly with companies or freelancers offshore. Your agreement is with a UK company, ESG, so your intellectual property is safe.

When dealing with any company it is essential that if there are any disputes that those disputes can be settled easily and in a territory that has clear, easily available and transparent legal channels. This is why it is hugely important to deal with a UK company.

ESG will use the methodology preferred by the client. However ESG prefer to use Agile methodology wherever possible.

Agile methodology is not just beneficial for software development though, its useful in many aspects of corporate life.

In techno speak: The Agile ‘Manifesto’ is a group of software development methodologies which promotes ‘adaptive planning’, ‘evolutionary development and delivery’, a ‘time-boxed iterative approach’.

In layman’s language: following Agile techniques encourages rapid and flexible response to changes by allowing small teams to take ownership of tasks and projects rather than simply perform tasks. These teams, often along with our clients, have short and regular meetings which welcome changing requirements with a view to publishing working software quickly and regularly.

A virtual employee might be regarded as your own employee but significantly less expensive and without the operating costs associated with employees in your office. Imagine an employee in a room in your office with the door locked and with all the cost benefits of being in Mumbai.

It’s quick and easy and we do all the leg work. Have a look at our step by step process in hiring virtual employees

You choose the hours that suit you best. We support clients in many different countries so our offices are open 24/7.

We would be very pleased to receive you at our offices so you can meet your team. Just let us know and we will facilitate your trip and advise on transport, accommodation etc. The area has first class hotels and amenities.

We only recruit the best, with significant and relevant experience, all with at least University degrees. We also ensure that those which you will be communicating with have excellent spoken and written English.

Yes we can assign candidates your tests or you can conduct the tests yourselves. We will facilitate whatever processes you prefer. We can recruit without any intervention from you if thats your preference or you can be involved completely.

Yes we can. We can also do this by video and send you the candidates videos for your review. This minimises any time required by you in the recruitment process but still lets you see the candidates, hear them speak and analyse their responses.

ESG provide you with a dedicated recruitment sub-site in which you can view all the processes and view your candidates, their status, details and CVs/resumes. You can add comments and view comments we add such as interview notes and results. We also provide videos of the candidates so you can see how they interact and answer questions set by us and/or you.

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