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Keeping clients happy is more important than ever in a world where a disgruntled client can wreak havoc over your reputation on social media over even the slightest perceived infringement. Customer support services are too important to outsource to an offshore company without total confidence that the offshore customer service support company is at least as well-equipped as you are to provide the cosy warm feeling that your clients are used to.

Multi-channel customer support services. Pick and mix!

ESG provide a one-stop shop for outsourcing customer support by telephone. Not only do we provide resource, fully trained in your business processes to handle calls with utmost professionalism but also the systems to handle the calls. Our integrated VOIP & IVR systems means that in most instances there are no telephony charges for you to incur. The system is as clear as the system you use (or used to use!) in your office.

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If your outsourced support can be handled electronically then ESG will support your clients by email and/or help desk ticketing. There are many help desk ticketing software solutions out there, paid and free of charge, and we will recommend the best for you or continue to use the one you already use. One of the most popular software for outsourcing help desk ticketing is Zendesk but there are many alternatives.

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Many of our clients offer support by online chat. Visitors to your website often prefer this in sales enquiries as they retain a feeling of anonymity and not being under an obligation as they do when making the enquiry by phone. This means that they are more likely to engage with you using this technology.

ESG have a wealth of experience in providing outsourced website support by online chat. After creating a Q&A playbook with likely enquiries we will have the system up and running on your website very quickly. Our IT experts will integrate and configure the chat software into your website so you don’t even need to wake up your website developers.

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