Organisations globally depend on ESG Research to make valuable data-driven decisions.

Rapid cost-effective blending of manual and automated research

High ROI web-based research and analytics

Whatever research-type you are focusing on, we will apply our many years of experience in manual and proprietary RPA-based automation to deliver guaranteed results in the shortest time possible and at a significantly lower cost than you expect. Contact us now for a research roadmap to success.

Market research
Competitor research
Company reports
Web research
Data cleansing | validation
Data mining and analysis

Internet research - a complete package

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Bespoke project analysis

Rather than simply following orders we offer our years of research experience in analysis of our clients’ projects to implement a new level of efficiency and deep insights.

Humans & robots can coexist!

There is no substitute for the human touch but where we can automate a process we do and our clients reap the rewards in consistency and cost.

Data science

Our quality analysts validate and verify then our data scientists mine, analyse and present the data to ensure our clients get the most from their investment.

Ruthlessly efficient and cost-effective web-based research!

At ESG we provide the cost benefits of outsourcing our clients’ research to our India offices. We pride ourselves on our operational efficiency, consistency and ruthlessly efficient quality assurance. We also love to improve our clients’ existing processes using innovation, automation and streamlining.

Don’t take our word for it. Contact us and put us to the test…