Silent partner - transitioning seamlessly to ESG

As part of the service desk transition period, our support team will act as silent partners, physically or remotely 'looking over the shoulders' of the existing tech support team.

As part of the knowledge transfer, in transitioning the service desk to ESG, our agents become silent partners for a pre-defined period.

The personnel will already have been schooled in the existing service desk playbook via any ‘Tier 0’ KT documentation that the client has created previously and meetings with existing support members. The period of silent partnership with existing support personnel now ensues wherein the new support members observe triage, incident and service request handling, and closure/escalation.

It is easy to visualize how new support agents can progress to being silent partners when both are physically present in the same room. ESG support personnel can spend time physically with our clients but in the majority of instances the client prefers the time and cost savings of remote knowledge transfer.

ESG have extensive experience in handling remote transition during the period of silent partner service desk transition and the process can be defined as follows:

  • The identification of a small subset of existing live agents who are to be observed.
  • Systems integration to allow audio and visual sharing of service desk support live processes by the existing team members to the new support team.
  • Observation of the spectrum of incidents and service requests from initiation to closure/escalation.

The particular aspects of systems integration are defined through conversations with ESG systems engineers and our clients. Our systems engineers will evaluate the optimum methodology based on, for instance, existing client support channels and telephony systems and whether the client intends us to integrate into their systems or whether the client prefers to use our systems. ‘3-way’ telephony tools are employed such that our support agents can, imperceptible to the end-user, listen in to live support calls. Via remote desktop tools, the new ESG support agents can view and learn the processes that incumbent support agents are performing. Messaging between the agents during the call is achieved via chat systems and debriefs are performed after the calls.

ESG has significant experience in all transition processes and will ensure that each step is performed efficiently, seamlessly, and in the least time possible.

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