What to look for when sourcing a service desk outsourcing partner

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Outsource Service desk

The decision to outsource a service desk is a difficult one and there is much to consider. Cost is often the motivating factor but the quality of service is just as important and should be elevated by an expert service desk provider, not just maintained at current levels. We have put together a checklist of the most important considerations. Contact us for more detail and a free consultation.

Quality of service:

Ensuring that the service provider delivers high-quality service that meets or exceeds the organization’s expectations. Service level agreements (SLAs) are an essential tool in measuring adherence to defined metrics. The service provider should have clearly defined SLAs outlining the level of service to be provided and the response times for resolving service requests. The service provider should provide regular reports and metrics on service delivery, performance, and customer satisfaction. Read more about service desk key metrics.


Outsourcing a service desk should result in cost savings for the organization. ESG provides service desk outsourcing from its base in Mumbai and so is extremely cost-effective. Contact us for a quote. You will, we assure you, be surprised at the cost-savings of offshoring service desk to us. The service desk provider should though be able to demonstrate that their service desk and ongoing support will have cultural compatibility with the client’s end-users. ESG is managed in the UK and so the transition is seamless.

Scalability & flexibility:

The offshore service desk provider should be able to scale their services to meet the client’s changing needs. ESG scales up and down with our clients as their needs change as well as being flexible as service desk channels, incident levels, and support characteristics change.


The service provider should have robust security measures in place to protect the organization’s sensitive data and information. ESG is fully compliant with global privacy regulations and put clients’ data security at the top of its priorities. A full list of corporate policies including business continuity, data security, and confidentiality are available on request.

Communication and transparency:

The offshore service desk provider should have clear and open communication channels to keep the clients informed about the transition period and ongoing key metrics. ESG prides itself on rigorous transparency in all communications.


The service provider should have a team of experienced and trained professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide effective support. ESG has the expertise and SMEs in every conceivable aspect of service desk delivery and technology, from the basic technical support of end-user systems to cloud infrastructure support, to bespoke client software and systems support to DevOps and tier 3 development. We have experience in all support channels from ticketing to cutting-edge telephony support and everything in between.

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    Thank you for the post which seems to provide helpful information on what to consider when sourcing a service desk outsourcing partner. The author highlights factors such as service provider essential characteristics, experience, customer service philosophy, technology, and tools, etc. The article is informative and provides a useful checklist for businesses looking to outsource their service desk.