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We all love weekends so...

Probably everyone looks forward to the extra freedom that weekends bring. Wearing more casual clothing, getting up later, going to bed later etc.

That’s why it’s important to try and behave as if you were in the office during the week otherwise you won’t look forward to weekends. The sparkle will be rubbed off.

Slob behaviour

Set up your workspace

This is where you’re going to be spending most of your day, so it’s a good idea to make it comfortable. You’ll obviously need a desk and a chair, but you might also want a lamp, a rug, a potplant or anything else that will make you actually want to walk into your home office each morning. Target is a great place to find homeware perfect for the office, and you can also view discount codes online to save money on anything you buy there. Try to stick to a budget so that you’re not spending a whole day’s wage just on decking out your desk – any offers you can find you should grab!

Use your extra time wisely

It is good advice to get up at the same time you would normally do and use some of the time you would normally spend smelling someone’s armpit on the train to do some personal chores or go for a walk. If you’re going to be working from home for a while, perhaps you’ve realized that you need to get better internet and need to look at shentel bundle packages, as well as the other service providers in your area, to make sure you are getting the most reliable internet for your money that will keep you going all day at work.

Someone crammed

Arrive at your home desk on time. Set usual break times. Go for a walk if you can during the break to avoid going stir crazy. If you work with computers/laptops, you may find yourself working on them more which can affect your eyesight, to get ahead of this, properly prescribed glasses are a possibility, or you can look to laser eye surgery, which websites such as can go into further if needed. It is important to take care of your overall health during this time, do not strain yourself, and take note of anything that is causing you issues, not just your eyesight.

Act as if...

Wear more formal clothes and save the flip flops and thread-bare t-shirt for the weekends. You will feel more focused during work hours and avoid embarrassment in video calls.

Try and find a space away from everyone and anything distracting. The further you are from the dirty dishes, the bin and the laundry, assuming you don’t have some strange appreciation for chores, then the less likely you’ll be asked to do them. When you need to go to the bathroom, run there and back. It’s even more important to ensure your family knows you’re busy than your employer!

And never turn on the TV, even in breaks. That’s one sure fire way to ruin the evenings if you’re already sick of the TV being on in the background during the day. You could though take advantage of a little low volume music but keep the dancing to a minimum. Working from home can also have an effect on your energy bill, especially if you have your family at home with you. Some remote workers often think about changing their energy provider in order to lower their energy bills. You can read these Gexa Energy reviews if you are thinking about this too.

Dancing in office

And if you’re married, and you want to stay married, try and keep your distance during office hours. You’re soon going to start to drive each other nuts. There’s a reason we all go to the office and it’s not just money!

Pretty soon we will all be begging to get back to the office!

person begging to get into an office
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