How can an outsourced help desk service support your business?

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Help desk servicing is a significant contributor to your reputation, especially for those offering IT-based products and services. With the COVID-19 pandemic, help desks have found widespread adoption in the form of outsourced business functions.

What can an Outsourced IT support company offer your business?

IT help desk support can form the character backbone of a modern-day company’s managed it services offering consistent critical IT support services including triage, troubleshooting, and maintenance by well-versed technically proficient personnel. For most small businesses, an in-house IT help desk is less feasible economically and practically than outsourced IT support. More details: outsourced vs in-house IT support.

Understanding the different levels of IT support

Tier 1 IT support

Tier 1 support is essentially the help-desk triaging and escalation of all incidents along with the resolution of lower-level technical issues which can often be solved with early first contact at 1st line support.

ESG provides ad hoc to 24/7/365 Tier 1 support outsourcing.

Tier 2 IT support

Tier 2 support requires greater technical proficiency and in-depth knowledge than help desk / Tier 1 and can include technical issue resolution to maintain ‘business as usual’ for any type of product or service.

Tier 3 IT support

An outsourced Tier 3 support involves root cause analysis and in-depth resolution with DevOps, operational product development for longer-term issue resolution.

The Pros of outsourcing IT help desk support

Rapid response times

Help desk support specialists are typically accessible via phone, email or support ticket. Third-party providers manage IT support for multiple companies with a dedicated or shared (bureau) support pool rendering an ‘always-on’ support availability. Wait times are reduced and resolution outcomes improved with the intervention of expert outsourced help desk customer support professionals.

Expanded access to expertise

To assemble an IT support team with a broad spectrum of industry expertise is not for the faint-hearted. Outsourced IT help desk service teams comprise diverse staff members with an expansive range of credentials, training, experience, and a wider knowledge base than in-house teams can practically muster.

Core business mission prioritised again

Troublesome tech issues suspend BAU and innovation.  Outsourcing help desk and tech support allow organisations to focus energies back on BAU efficiency and business growth strategies.

Tech team reduced attrition

Trying to shoehorn an in-house IT team into a help desk support function with repetitive support tasks often leads to higher levels of attrition and accompanying HR and recruitment costs. Not a good look in the ‘Great Resignation’ of 2022.

In summary...

Outsourced help desks are an excellent way of fueling client and employee satisfaction and ensuring a smooth operation of core business activities at optimal operating cost through automation, scaleability, process efficiencies, and consumption-based prices.

If your organisation is struggling to find its form with technical and customer support, outsourcing help desk to ESG Global Services is the cost-effective solution. Specialising in early Tier 1 triage and resolution, along with high-quality offshore Tier 2 and Tier 3 support, ESG functions as a seamless extension to organisations globally.

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