ESG keeping events open

  • Posted by: Subendhu Nayak
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With Coronavirus panic raging and governments around the world beginning to encourage employees to ‘self-isolate’ we would like our clients to know that we are able to ramp up our services to them to ensure they remain open for business. We have a robust Business Continuity plan and have been supporting businesses remotely for 15 years.

One of the domains we serve, the Events industry, in particular will have its challenges over the course of this crisis. We are supporting the joint SISO/UFI initiative of ‘This show is open’ by taking over much of the work that events organisations might

struggle with over the upcoming months, from lead generation to telemarketing to conversion to post-event.

Author: Subendhu Nayak

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  • Lisa

    Our events org is definitely in the ‘This event is open’ camp. In the events business, we have rebounded from a multitude of crises and we’ll come back from this. Let’s keep events open as much as possible and postpone those that we can’t.

  • Frank Pearce

    Absolutely right. We are inevitably postponing but ‘the show is still open’ as far as we are concerned.