Coronavirus – our data scientists analysis

  • Posted by: Priyanka Shinde
  • Category: General interest
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Kaif, a data scientist with ESG Global, has formulated projections of the spread of coronavirus over the next 10 days by country and illustrated the likely scenario based on measures brought in up to and including today’s date. In summary this highlights the urgency of increasing self-isolation and testing. Bear in mind that this data is limited by how accurately, or otherwise, each country is reporting infections etc.. We can see with the lower graph, that those being reported in India appear to be incredibly low. This could cause great impacts, especially if the correct figures are not being accessed fast enough.

    Businesses are concerned with coronavirus figures because it could mean more closures or closing for good. However, it is the safety of everyone that needs to be adhered to, and this means placing measures in businesses that they have never had to deal with before. There are websites that can help like Vantiq, who have an article on back to work solutions, so even with the rising of figures the safety of everyone within the business, in any location, is the priority.

    Use the tabs at the top of the graphs to see all the predictions and the date control can be varied.


    Author: Priyanka Shinde