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Kaif, a data scientist with ESG Global, has formulated projections of the spread of coronavirus over the next 10 days by country and illustrated the likely scenario based on measures brought in up to and including today’s date. In summary this highlights the urgency of increasing self-isolation and testing. Bear in mind that this data is limited by how accurately, or otherwise, each country is reporting infections etc.. We can see with the lower graph, that those being reported in India appear to be incredibly low. This could cause great impacts, especially if the correct figures are not being accessed fast enough.

Businesses are concerned with coronavirus figures because it could mean more closures or closing for good which will seriously affect every industry. For example, the software development industry is being negatively affected when the majority of developers can work from home so this just goes to show how serious the situation is. You can find out more in this article talking about covid and development of software. However, closures and restrictions in any industry are done for the safety of everyone and need to be adhered to. This means placing measures in businesses that they have never had to deal with before. There are websites that can help like Vantiq, who have an article on back to work solutions, so even with the rising of figures the safety of everyone within the business, in any location, is the priority.

Businesses will need a COVID-19 risk assessment in place before they can reopen and will need to give guidance to staff returning to the office on things they are required to do to safely return to work. Business owners may want to visit to have booklets of their advice and rules printed for staff to keep handy. However, the main precautions being taken by businesses that are considering reopening is regular cleaning of desks or any communal areas that people may have touched. By using products from phs Direct Commercial Cleaning Suppliers, businesses can increase their chances of keeping employees safe. By regularly removing the germs on the desks, it reduces the chances of anyone picking up these germs or getting ill.

Use the tabs at the top of the graphs to see all the predictions and the date control can be varied.


Author: Subendhu Nayak

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  • Lucy Bolland

    It would be interesting to see variations based on measures extra governments might take on the rates of infection.

  • Ian F

    I must say that, having checked the numbers you projected 10 days ago for 2nd April against actual numbers (, your projections are remarkably accurate. You projected 988,413 and the actual numbers today are 986,310 which is 99.8 accuracy!

  • Mohammed Kaif Dada

    @Ian F: Thank you for your appreciation. We at ESG Global Services strive always to achieve best-in-class results but on a personal front I do hope that in the near future we are proven wrong and our fore-casted rising curve flattens drastically. The report is updated periodically so do keep visiting.