Best Lead generation methods and strategies from Your Own Website

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Leads are the foundation of every organisation’s marketing effort. Lead generation is the attraction and conversion of the most relevant segment of your target audience into customers.

So to help you out we have included below five of our tips for in-house lead generation using your very own company website. So go forth and multiply (your leads, that is).

1. Include effective CTAs

Effective CTAs (Calls-to-Action) urge visitors to move forward along their decision-making journey. CTAs must include convincing and strong words that will demonstrate visitors of the value they will receive in taking the next step.

For instance, if a visitor is reading your blog, place prominent CTAs, dispersed amongst your content, in a way that they align with the theme of the content. These CTAs can point the readers to different types of gated content such as a free webinar, e-book, template, guide etc. In this manner, you can couple a CTAs with your blog to generate qualified leads.

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    2. Relevant and engaging landing page content

    Landing pages are the most important pages in your website and are the pages you direct your visitors to from external websites, from SERPS (search engine results pages) and from PPC (pay-per-click) providers etc. Your landing pages’ copy must be engaging, easy to understand, to the point and in a visually easy-to-scan format (bullet points, dashes). Visitors’ attention spans are ever diminishing whilst the competition for their attention only increases. Visitors have limited tolerance for bland, wishy-washy content.

    Your landing page content and design should provide a benefit, incite interest, even a provide a little comedic value to readers and should preferably be accompanied by engaging visuals/infographics.

    Landing page content

    3. Use automated opt-in email marketing

    Also called the ‘Double Opt-in’ marketing technique, this is when a user registers their login details (using their email address as the user name) on your website and an automated email with a link is sent to the registrant to confirm the subscription. You now have their email address and confirmation to send them your marketing material such as email campaigns, promotional materials.

    Even though they have agreed to receive emails from you, you’ll need add an unsubscribe link in every communication email sent to them. If you need some help with this or are looking for further information about email marketing, you can head to


    4. Overhaul your lead capture forms

    Lead capture forms that you position on your landing pages should be succinct, fuss-free and as short as possible. Also, forms which ask too much and take too long will put your visitors off. Make it easy for them. The best way of dealing with this is to have a quick form with the basics then thank them and move to another form asking for more details. Many forms offer users an option to sign in using social media credentials since a majority of them are signed into some or other social media account online and so it’s a couple of clicks to sign them up.

    5. Ignore all the above tips

    Ignore everything we have said and contact us at ESG Global Services to provide you with all the leads you need. OK, that’s a bit extreme. You can still follow all the above but you can also, today, get immediate highly-targeted leads from ESG Global Services.

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    Rob Sahi Director, Future Forward Digital

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