Those berating companies for outsourcing jobs to India forget that outsourcing to India is a basic tenet of socialism

09/01/2020 09:05

Unions have berated Lloyds bank et al for recently announcing they are outsourcing jobs to India. But outsourcing work to places like India satisfies a basic principle of socialism and the beliefs of trade unions.

If yours is one of the forward-thinking organisations which outsources business processes to India or call centre work to the Philippines then you are to be praised by the defenders of the working man. You are not, as the virtue signallers would have you believe, a ruthless penny pincher with no compassion for those abandoned in the wake of your success. On the contrary: you are doing mankind a great service.

By offshoring you are tackling inequality. Additionally, by taking the help of service providers like Peak PEO to streamline your company’s outsourcing requirements, you could further ensure the money being spent is actually going to the most deserving and the most underprivileged. In many ways, you are educating and giving opportunity to young people.

You are fulfilling a basic tenet of socialism which is the redistribution of wealth to those with the least. By funnelling wealth to typically poorer territories then every unit of wealth supports and benefits exponentially not only the hard-working recipient but also the family and community of that software developer, internet researcher or tele-caller.

This is of course unless you subscribe to the ‘charity begins at home’ most famous of misquotes. That perversion comes from old testament terminology when ‘charity’ (a translation of the Greek word ‘agapē’, also meaning “love’) evolved to mean ‘doing good’ and those who were seen doing good in public, whilst privately their behaviour lacked the same altruism, were instructed in the bible to be consistent at home. In any case why would anyone think that a charitable action should be restricted by geographical boundary?

By outsourcing to India et al you are also consistent in your actions unlike those who gorge themselves on products produced inexpensively offshore and then admonish all beneficiaries of imported services. Try taking away the iPhone from the bleeding-heart and see how charitable he becomes.

Improved communications and bandwidth are enabling small organisations to operate with functions such as HR, sales, support and other services taken care of affordably in another territory. This affords the struggling entrepreneur in the West a chance amongst the huge monopolies that the prosecco socialists inadvertently protect. Outsourcing breeds competition and innovation.

It might be that your motive isn’t the empowerment of those on the lower rungs, the improvement in healthcare, life expectancy and education that outsourcing brings to places like India. It may be that your motive is to ensure that your business survives and you can be personally financially successful and the good you do is incidental. We’re not here to judge.