Business process outsourcing just means doing it better for less

Outsourcing BPO projects to raise the bar

Using business process outsourcing doesn’t just mean reduced costs. BPO for our clients also means greater efficiency, more accountability, greater reliability and speed. Once our clients have outsourced a few processes to us they realise how much else they can outsource. Anything that can be done at a desk can be outsourced. If you have something you think cannot be outsourced, we would love to hear from you. We love a challenge.

Why choose ESG as your BPO service provider?

There are myriad BPO service providers (you may have noticed) but If you are looking for outsourcing without the headache then ESG should be your first port of call. ESG is a UK company, providing BPO in UK, Europe, USA, Gulf and worldwide, from our office in India. Effectively our clients get the cost benefits of BPO to India with the business process management services of a UK company. Same reduced costs. No headache.

When searching using typical phrases such as ‘BPO providers UK’ or ‘BPO outsourcing projects from UK’ there will be many companies showing in the search results that purport to have a base in the UK. A cursory search for their location will confirm that they are entirely based in India. Because ESG is based in the UK we offer a gateway for companies in the UK and globally to outsource business processes to India without the risk.

Outsourcing BPO services to clients large and small

Business process outsourcing used to be just for the largest of companies or the bravest. Not anymore. ESG provide effective outsourcing of business processes to many clients of all sizes, from SMBs to the largest and well-known of global companies.

Business process outsourcing – a bespoke solution

Your business processes are unique to your organisation. Show us how you operate now and we will replicate that in our offshore offices.

Other advantages of using ESG as your BPO projects outsourcing company

Other advantages when you outsource BPO services to ESG include the fact we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if there is an urgent requirement we will assist quickly. You can take advantage of this ‘always on’ business process outsourcing to get your projects completed faster than your competitors.

HR benefits of business process outsourcing

Whether it’s UK business process outsourcing or business process outsourcing from your office anywhere else in the world there is no time or expense wasted on in-house recruitment. With ESG there is no training or finding cover for when employees are on leave. We take care of everything.

BPO isnt just about reducing salaries

Don’t just compare salaries when considering outsourcing business processes. Think about the cost of retention, office space, utilities, benefits, tax and pension obligations. By using ESG as your BPO service provider, you can look to at least reduce your costs in half but probably much more. And there really is no downside.

BPO services – our clients and confidentiality

ESG is an extremely well regarded and efficient provider of business process outsourcing. ESG is utterly committed to confidentiality and never make reference to, or comment on, our clients unless written confirmation is given from our clients. Our strict NDAs ensure complete privacy. Our relationship with the companies that use us as their preferred BPO service provider is absolutely confidential. Your clients will never know how you manage to maintain such high quality at such a low cost.

If your organisation is now considering business process outsourcing then contact us today.

Models of BPO engagement

Whether you require BPO via our ‘virtual employee’ model or you prefer business process outsourcing at project level then we provide the most unbeatable cost effective solution.