Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Without the headache!

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) allows an organisation, usually a recruitment company or an internal HR department, to transfer its entire or some of its recruitment processes to an external provider. Whether that is the process of gathering resumes or the likes of a criminal background check in Utah, there are many parts of the recruitment process that can be outsourced. Recruitment process offshoring is where that provider works from another territory, usually India, and so offers significant cost savings.

Recruitment process outsourcing - the benefits

ESG is a UK RPO service provider providing recruitment processes from its offices in India and so provides all the cost benefits of RPO without the headache of direct recruitment process offshoring.

“We have had an extremely positive experience working with ESG”

Why use outsourced recruiting services?

ESG works with many recruitment companies large and small, & HR departments, and takes away the resource intensive tasks that recruitment organisations are burdened with. Anything that can be done at a desk we can do at a fraction of the cost and without any loss in efficiency or quality.

  • Reassign your resource to other processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce risks
  • Avail yourself of 24/7/365 availability
  • Ramp up and down resources quickly and easily

Integration of work methodologies & processes

ESG works by either integrating the clients processes into its processes, such as the technology (databases/CRM/ATS etc) and its processes and reporting systems or by using our own tried and tested systems and methods.

To what extent should you outsource recruitment processes?

There are myriad processes which we undertake for our clients and some are listed below. By dipping a toe in to each of the processes your organisation can evaluate the benefits of each.

Outsourced advert response handling

  • ESG provide RPO advert response handling to prioritise the perfect candidate for your particular requirement.
  • Finding the ideal candidate has never been more challenging. When an employment opportunity is released onto the market there can be an overwhelming number of applicants. Wading through all those CVs/resumes and evaluating candidates can be a major distraction from other more productive tasks.
  • ESG steps in and massively reduces your time commitment. We use our expertise to identify the best candidates from the many applicants and present you with a shortlist validated against your requirements.

“Since taking on ESG we have been witnessed a dramatic change in our business, all for the better. We have them sourcing candidates, handling enquiries, calling candidates, CV formatting and generally everything we used to do but actually more efficiently and at a much lower cost. Could not recommend ESG more!”

Outsourced CV formatting

  • ESG quickly format CVs/resumes to your precise branded requirements ready to forward to your client.
  • Poring over CVs with grammatical errors and inconsistent content is a waste of your time. ESG create CVs of the highest quality and consistency.
  • Costs are lowered and time saved by dedicated CV formatting.

Outsourced resume searching

  • ESG longlist candidates from your job boards, from your internal databases and other online resources for your live job roles according to the job parameters allowing your recruiters to focus on higher level tasks.
  • By adhering strictly to your brief we pride ourselves in identifying only the most suitable candidates by addressing their attributes, experience, career and future objectives.
  • Optionally ESG can contact candidates to further drill down and filter candidates.
  • Optionally our resources can also work outside of your usual working hours and deliver the results waiting for you when you arrive in the office.

“Superstar, thank you!”

Emma Hutchin Operations – Manager Hall Gregory

Outsourced database management and data processing

  • Companies spend a great deal of money on a database and over time it can become bogged down with errors and obsolete information. We can eliminate all that for you to ensure the smooth running of your agency.
  • ESG assists recruitment agencies by updating existing candidate records on their databases. Using tools such as LinkedIn etc, we find the candidates details and update the candidates records (skills/employer history/salary etc). The candidate records are then up-to-date and available in the internal database for rapid role matching.
  • ESG will also optimise candidates from other sources and copy them over to your internal database.
  • ESG have experience in all the major platforms/CRM systems/ATS systems and so we can efficiently and quickly work in all major databases. If our clients use proprietary or internal databases then we get up to speed very quickly.
  • ESG will analyse your database and provide you with options for maximising efficiency.
  • ESG will efficiently re-organise your database, also removing duplicate and dead data whilst updating existing data.

Outsourced internet research & lead/candidate generation

  • Effective and highly targeted lead/candidate generation using online tools such as LinkedIn, corporate websites and other online resources.
  • ESG filter all the relevant information available online and apply our own expertise to help you achieve the ideal candidate list.
  • Creation of new records on your database from CVs, job advert responses, online resources etc.

“In a nutshell everything has been positive – to a certain extent it was a step into the unknown for us yet any apprehension we may have had has been dispelled.”

Steve Mann CEO Brand Recruitment

Call centre & incoming call management

Outsourced applicant tracking software

ESG can optionally provide your organisation with a fully-fledged Cloud based ATS which ensures that candidates information is available to your organisation from anywhere, is easily updated. Interviews/meetings can be booked, emails sent and tracked, CVs/resumes etc stored online. Candidates can be filtered down by job/salary/notice period etc and all activities tracked on a candidate level. The system, fully branded for your organisation, has extensive reporting, admin levels and preferences, multilevel calendar/diary and provides a branded application website where applicants can apply directly for your jobs and the details automatically entered onto the ATS.

How do we do this?

Our most popular recruitment outsourcing model is by provision of a virtual employee(s) to work dedicatedly for you 9 hours per day, 5 days a week, as if they were one of your own employees but managed by us in the UK. The charge for all that is a fraction of the cost of in-house employees. We manage the employee who is also contactable and accountable to you at all times via a phone number we assign local to you, video conferencing, remote desktop, online chat and VOIP. There are no other charges and we take care of everything: HR, compliance, monitoring, benefits, space in our offices and equipment, utilities etc.

Another advantage of using ESG is that you have the security of dealing direct with a UK company and the agreement covering the protection of your IP etc is binding in the UK.

If your organisation is now considering recruitment outsourcing companies then contact us today.

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