Candidate and CV generation for recruitment organisations

Building a talent pool is getting tougher each day with the lack of description-fitting profiles. Candidates that are a perfect match for the job are hard to come by and even harder to keep.

Even if you are not an employer brand, we can help you in CV formatting, candidate profiling and time-intensive tasks like creating candidate lists.

Acquiring talent is done through online methods that cover detailed procurement processes.

Recruitment support can be obtained for major industry sectors like:

Information Technology
Oil & gas
Hiring agencies

Factors for intelligent lead generation

Smart acquisition

Potential candidates matching your ideal candidate profile are contacted by HR professionals and screened before they enter your hiring process.

Resource-efficient hiring

Candidate lists from ESG save time while appointing new talent. It is also a cost-reducing effort while obtaining value-adding employees.

Well-functioning system

With a highly developed process in place, talent acquisition becomes easier and quicker.