Lead generation for financial organisations

Finance decisions need the approval of 8-10 people first, including advisors, planners and managers. Reaching them and getting approval individually is a gruesome task and you might get stuck along the way. In such cases, one needs to ensure that their offer is sent to the right people and fast.

FinTech is steadily making its way to the mainstream market, catching the attention of prospects and having them do business with you remains difficult even for most emerging FinTech firms. In order to meet the ever-rising challenges, FinTech marketers have to change their approach, focusing more on the customers and their journey in the process.

Why ESG for Lead Generation?

We target niche sectors in the financial industry for lead generation and isolate particularly contacts for financial and fintech companies around the world. After thoroughly analysing the requirements of your organisation, a suitable lead inventory is created.

Gain fresh insights for your marketing plan or strategy moving forward with our lead generation efforts.

Our features for financial lead generation

Relevant acquisition

While acquiring leads, it is important to hit the nail on the head. Getting in touch with gatekeepers is a waste of resources as they tend to prolong the decision-making process. We connect directly with the decision-makers for you and ease your appointment-setting experience.

Maximum conversion rate

Our lists are tailored according to your requirements. We fetch targeted contacts that are ready to convert and set up profitable deals. Pertaining to the various sectors in your financial marketing plan, our team designs a customised scheme for the next step.

Fitting experience

You will witness a flexible, transparent experience in a controlled environment. We ensure our clients are helped throughout their customer acquisition process and also get more business along the way.

Right connects

ESG helps you connect with the appropriate finance buyers by going beyond the traditional list-based marketing schemes. We instead focus on accounts and contacts that have the greatest chance of converting.

Highly convertible banking and fintech leads and prospects by utilising our account-based lead generation solutions.