Coronavirus preparedness

ESG Coronavirus preparedness plans are in full swing

ESG Global is monitoring closely the progression of Coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the world and is taking every precaution to maintain the health and safety of our employees globally and ensuring that we maintain our 24/7/365 availability and stability to maintain all our commitments to our clients.

ESG is, as well as a provider of marketing services, an experienced customer service provider and so we are fully experienced in business continuity. As part of our ongoing Business Continuity Plan, ESG Global has had all our employees working from home well before we were advised to do so by the relevant governments and we have experienced no downtime or loss of efficiency whatsover. We have also ensured that we do not have dependency on any suppliers that are also not fully prepared and functioning remotely. Our offices, deep-cleaned and sealed, await our return and we look forward to that day.

ESG Global have published internal protocols for all employees which includes mandatory procedures for personal hygiene and prevention of infection. When our offices were still open we took steps within our offices to ensure all employees, for example, regularly utilise handwash solutions, report any symptoms and avoid any actions which might spread infection. We made infrastructure-level changes such as replacing our fingerprint recognition office entry security with card based access.

ESG will continue to monitor our policies and communicate any updates and we encourage all our stakeholders to communicate with us with any suggestions or issues arising. Good luck and all the best to all our employees, clients, suppliers and their families.

Harshada Gavande
HR Manager
ESG Global